Web Summit returns to Lisbon in 2017. Join world leading startups, investors, media and more this November.

Web Summit is a popular international technology conference that takes place in Lisbon since 2016. The event features over 650 speakers from over 160 countries and more than 60.000 attendees. It was created in 2010 and is now the largest technology conference in the world.

Date: November 6-9 2017

Location: Meo Arena, Lisboa

Conferences: Autotech, Creatiff, Fullstk, Healthconf, Pandaconf, Moneyconf, Talk Robot, Sports Trade, Planet:tech, Startup University, Surf Summit, Culture Summit, Night Summit, SaaS Monster, Modum, FutureSocieties, ContentMakers, Pub Summit.

Main Speakers

  • Brian Krzanich – Intel CEO
  • Margrethe Vestager – European Comissioner
  • Sean Rad – Tinder Chairman
  • Claudia Willvonseder – Ikea CMO
  • Gillian Tans – Booking .com President and CEO
  • Carlos Moedas – European Comissioner
  • Werner Vogels – Amazon.com CEO
  • Joe Sullivan – Uber CSO
  • Matt Mullenweg – WordPress Co-Founder
  • Andy Palmer – Aston Martin CEO
  • Pet Gelsinger – VMware CEO
  • António Horta Osório – Lloyds Banking Group

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